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2017 International Marine Environment Artist-in-Residency Project-Call for Proposals


Please click to see the Announcement of Selected Artists for the 2017 Keelung NMMST International Marine Environment Art Project


Call for Proposals

National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

2017 International Marine Environment Artist-in-Residency Project in Keelung, Taiwan

Theme:  Making Connections

Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a residency and community art project in Keelung, Taiwan, during June, July, August or September 2017.  The proposed project will have an educational focus and include creating a site-specific indoor or outdoor artwork that will connect contemporary art with marine science and connect the museum and the community.  Artists will work with school groups, community people and visitors to create an indoor or outdoor artwork about the ocean environment and raise awareness about the future health of our oceans.  The Museum is located at Keelung, Taiwan, in the Badouzi community, historically an ocean port and fishing center.  Keelung is on the northeast coast of Taiwan about 25 km east of Taipei, and opens to the Pacific Ocean.  Keelung port is the second largest port in Taiwan today, and it is the major port on the eastern side of Taiwan. This project aims to invite artists who can bring a different perspective on the ocean environment and connect with local people involving them in the process and creation of large-scale artworks at selected sites inside and outside the Museum. The NMMST has exhibitions and educational programs about marine science and technology, and it is a popular tourist destination in Keelung, Taiwan, with activities for all ages. Here's the museum website:

National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST) 

Go to the website of previous NMMST international marine environment art projects:

Call for Proposals in Chinese / 徵件公告(中文版)


The artists selected for the 2017 international marine environment artist-in-residency project will create their artworks during a 25-day artist in residency in Keelung, Taiwan. Each of the selected artists will come to Keelung for a residency during the months of June, July, August or September 2017.  We plan to have 2 or 3 artists working at the Museum during each period of the project. We will choose a total of 8 artists for 2017, and one Taiwanese artist will be chosen for each period. Please indicate in your proposal description which month you prefer (June, July, August or September) in order of preference: 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, 4th choice or ALL if any month is okay.


2017 will be the 3rd year of the international marine environment art project organized by the NMMST. The selected artists will work with school groups, community residents, visitors and volunteers to create large-scale indoor and outdoor artworks that will raise awareness about ocean environmental issues. For 2017 we want the artworks to focus on the theme of making connections and involve local people in the creation and installation process. Each selected artist will work for 2 weeks with a selected school group, and then the last week or 10 days involve the students in installing the artwork at the Museum.  Artists will also have Open Studio sessions on the weekends so that visitors can join in the process and meet the artist.  Artists will also offer Talks for the public during the art project. Artworks selected for this project will be site-specific and located in public indoor and outdoor spaces such as coastal parks, plazas, beaches, land around existing museum buildings as well as museum walls, lobbies and other interior public spaces.  The site for each artwork will be selected with the artist, the curatorial consultant and staff of the Museum. See the website for possible sites for artworks. The artworks will be made with local natural materials or recycled materials that are not harmful to the environment. The artworks should be made to last for 6 months or more. Artists will work alongside other international artists and with local residents and visitors in Keelung, Taiwan.   


(Left) A good blow of brush to clean the ocean - Patrick Demazeau (France,2016) 

(Right) Keelung Rainbow Hut - Tsuneo Sekiguchi 関口恒男 (Japan,2016)


Theme: Making Connections

Deadline for Entries:  March 31, 2017

Artists will be selected and notified by April 17, 2017

Installation and Residency in Keelung, Taiwan: 25 days during the months of June, July, August or September 2017.  Artists should specify which month they prefer or indicate that All months are okay.

Each month there will be a public opening reception, and each artwork will stay on display for 6-12 months.

Selected Artists will receive the following:

·   Artist’s Award of NT$60,000 (about US$2,000) for creating the artwork and participating in the public programs and working with school groups, community people, volunteers and visitors.  The Museum will cover the tax to the Taiwan government, and artists will receive the exact amount of NT$60,000. Taiwanese artists will also receive NT$60,000 for the Award and pay their own income tax and NHI (national health insurance).

·   Round trip economy airfare from the artist’s home to Taipei (Taoyuan International Airport) and then local transportation to Keelung, Taiwan. Taiwanese artists will receive train fare or other reimbursement for their expenses to come from their home to Keelung.  Detailed travel instructions will be sent to selected artists, and artists must get the approval of the Museum before booking tickets and keep all receipts and boarding pass for reimbursement when they arrive in Keelung. Reimbursement will be in Taiwanese dollars calculated at the exchange rate on the date that the artist purchased the ticket.

·   25 days of accommodations in Keelung with other international and Taiwanese artists.  The Accommodations will be in the Museum. Each artist will have a separate bedroom, and bathroom. There will be limited kitchen facilities (only oven and microwave), and living room space may be shared.  Please bring your own toiletries.

·   Meals will be provided for breakfast and lunch each day.  Dinner will be at the artist’s own expense.  Information about local restaurants will be provided, and some group dinners will also be provided.

·    Local transportation around Keelung and to scheduled site-seeing trips with the artists and volunteers will be provided.

·   Volunteer help from school children and adults in the community as well as museum visitors to create the artworks.  However, artists should be confident that they can make the proposed artwork by themselves if no volunteers are available.

·   Help to find local free natural and biodegradable materials to make the artworks.  Local natural materials include driftwood, shells, reeds, grasses, branches, stones, earth, sand, etc.  Other possible biodegradable materials include natural rope, nets, natural fiber fabric, bamboo (it does not grow so much around Keelung but can be purchased) and wood.  Artists should use natural and recycled materials and eco friendly processes that will not harm the environment and encourage sustainability. Artists who need to purchase materials to make their artwork must consult with the Museum about cost and availability in Keelung. The materials and processes that artists use should set a good example for the community, and we expect that artists will use mainly free natural and recycled materials.

·   The Museum will own the copyright and derivative rights of the artwork created during the residency period at the Museum.


Qualifications of Artists:

Artists who apply should have experience working with communities and children to create large-scale site-specific indoor and outdoor artworks in public settings and involve ordinary people in their thoughts and process.  Artists will be expected to conduct public workshops and offer lectures and demonstrations for the public as well as have open studio times so that visitors can join in their process.  The artist should also have an interest and experience in making works related to ocean environmental issues. The selected artists should be able to speak English and be able to get along well with other artists, the local community and people of all ages and backgrounds. The selected artists should also be able to introduce their home culture to the community and share the environmental concerns in their own home environment.


Curatorial Consultant for the Keelung Art Project:

Jane Ingram Allen, is an American independent curator, artist and critic, living in Taiwan from 2004 - 2012, and now based in California, USA. Jane first came to Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar artist in residence in 2004 and 2005 and worked as an independent artist and curator from 2006-2012, starting the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival at Guandu Nature Park in Taipei in 2006 and the Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Cheng Long village, Yunlin County, Taiwan in 2010. Jane will work with the staff of the NMMST and a community advisory committee to administer and coordinate all aspects of this project, including the selection of artists and supervising the art installations and public programs related to the art project. Jane has experience curating international art exhibitions and working on public art projects in communities around the world as well as being an art professor at colleges and universities and a curator and educator at museums and art centers. Jane is an environmental artist herself and has participated in many international artist-in-residency programs in the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Tanzania, China, Indonesia, Nepal and Turkey.  In addition to curating other environmental art exhibitions in Taiwan and the USA, Jane writes about art for such magazines as SCULPTURE, PUBLIC ART REVIEW, ART RADAR ASIA, FIBER ART NOW and HAND PAPERMAKING.


To Apply:

Send the following materials by email by the deadline of March 31, 2017, to Jane Ingram Allen at this address: and a copy to Ms. Sandy Chang at this address:  

Proposals may be sent in English or Chinese, but all artists must submit Description (#1) and CV (#6) in English.

  1. Description of a proposed artwork for the 2017 NMMST International Marine Environment Artist-in-Residency Project (limit one page), sent as an attached .doc or .pdf file.  Include dimensions and materials to be used in the proposed work, and tell which month you prefer in sequence(1→2→3→...) for your residency in Keelung:  June, July, August, September or All.
  2. Artist Statement about your interest and experience working with communities and volunteers to create large-scale and interactive indoor and outdoor sculpture and installation artworks and about how your proposed artwork relates to the theme of Making Connections (limit one page), sent as an attached .doc or .pdf file.
  3. Sketch or rendering of your proposed artwork (attached .jpg file of less than 1 MB) 
  4. Images of previous related works (6 attached .jpg files of less than 1 MB each)
  5. Image list to give details about the 6 images. Include title of work, date made, materials used and location of the artwork (sent as an attached .doc file or .pdf file)
  6. CV or Resume in English (attached .doc or .pdf file) that details your education and art experience, awards and exhibitions. Be sure to include your name, present address and nationality.

NOTE:  Each of these 6 items should be sent as individual files attached to email.  DO NOT use Zip files or include them all in one .pdf or .doc file.


Possible Venues: 


01_Entry Plaza of Exploration Building
02_Entry Plaza


03_Roof of the Conference Hall
04_Bus Parking Lot


05_Roof of the Public Toilet in Bus Parking Lot
06_Taiwan Level Origin


07_Plaza of Chaojing Park
08_Plaza of Chaojing Park


09_Eco Park
10_Bishuixiang Bus Station


11_Indoor corridor of the Main Exhibition Building(5F)
12_Indoor corridor of the Main Exhibition Building(7F)


13_Entry of the Accommodation Facility
14_Grassland of the Accommodation Facility


15_Entry slope of the Museum
16_Wall in the 3D IMAX Theater(1F)

*  Call for Proposals(English)
*  Call for Proposals(中文版)
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