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Pei-Pu Steam Power Station
Pei-Pu Steam Power Station
( Data source: Dr. Shih, Tung-Wei)

Pei-Pu Steam Power Station
Pei-Pu Steam Power Station is situated in a narrow waterway between Badouzi Island and Taiwan’s main island. It was the first power station constructed on reclaimed land. It was also the largest power station in Asia with the newest equipment and played an important role in providing a steady supply of electricity for Taiwan. The power station needs a lot of water for cooling, so it intakes water from Changtan Harbor and discharges from Badouzi Fish Harbor. This makes it the first steam power station cooled by seawater.

The steam power station was constructed in order to strengthen Taiwan’s power supply system of the time, making it an important contribution to the nation’s development of new industries. After halting operations in 1981, the Pei-Pu Steam Power Station lay unused and forgotten for 20 years.

In 2001, plans were drawn up to convert Pei-Pu Steam Power Station and its surroundings into the new National Museum of Marine Science & Technology. Rising from the ashes, the plant thus gained a new lease of life. In 2004 it was designated as a historic landmark by Keelung City, and the site transformed into the present day Museum.

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