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Ocean Theater
The design concept of the Ocean theater is from “Ocean”and “Current”. The roof is wave-like in shape, and the facade uses a stone paving technique to make it look like fish scales, making it unique in this area. 

In the lobby, the blue tone decoration and the jelly-fish chandelier welcome our audience to enter the ocean world. Inside the theater, the big blue bubble lighting circles around the wall, which enhances the oceanic atmosphere and provides audience an amazing way to enjoy the wonder ocean world and satisfy their curiosity.

Since 2021, under the support of the Delta Electronics Foundation, the Ocean theatre was renovated and became the 8K theater. The high performance projection system produced by Delta is used, and this is the first one 8K resolution laser projector in Taiwan. With the advanced 8K technology and sound system, the theater can provide the audience a wonderful experience and increase their curiosity of the Ocean.

In addition, the Delta Electronics Foundation also authorize the NMMST to play the movies “Water with Life (8K)”, “Swimming with Humpback Whale (8K)” and “Life in the Coral Reefs (8K)” in the Ocean Theater. These movies can expand the audience’s vision of marine science, environment protection and natural ecology. 

Ocean Theater
Ocean Theater
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