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Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery
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Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery: Latest Developments in Oceanography and Seafaring

Thanks to our increasingly sophisticated global ocean science and technology, significant advances have been made in fields ranging from maritime transport and underwater exploration technology to academic and military research. This unique exhibit demonstrates this progress and Taiwan's fruitful role in the development of shipbuilding and port planning technologies.

The Gallery is constructed with metal, glass, water and other elements, coupled with projections in shades of aquamarine, creating a serene, hi-tech ambience. Its exhibits are centered on seven marine engineering topics, incorporating the three themes of "Understanding," "Development" and "Reflections and Prospects." Furthermore, a mockup of a 1/10 scale, 8,600 TEU container ship is featured in the center of the Gallery. Visitors will also learn about the domestic yacht construction process in Taiwan by strolling through a yacht's opulent living quarters and are sure to gain a deep sense of the importance of marine engineering technology development in Taiwan.

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