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Wonders of the Deep Sea Gallery
Amazing Ecosystems of the Deep Sea
Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystem
A Realm of Inner Space You’ve Never Seen
Vibrations from the Deep Floor
Wonders of the Deep Sea Gallery: A Realm of Inner Space You've Never Seen

Dark and mysterious, the depths of our oceans are seldom placed in the public’s view. Deliberately positioned in the former boiler room of the historic North Thermal Power Plant, this exhibit closely mimics the unfathomable nature of aquatic abysses found throughout the world. The once uncharted depths of the oceans are now brought into light. Deep sea ecosystems and their subsequent life forms, however, merely scratch at the surface of what this information rich gallery has to offer. Step inside this exhibition and visitors will quickly become familiar with the technological advancements that have made current deep sea explorations feasible. It is through the conglomeration of these various components that one attains a much stronger appreciation of a rather unique aspect of the ocean that would otherwise remain largely unknown.

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