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Marine Science Gallery
Oceanic Appearances
Oceanic Appearances
Science on a Sphere (SOS)
Science on a Sphere (SOS)
Oceanic Exploration
Oceanic Exploration
Overview of the Gallery
Overview of the Gallery
Marine Science Gallery: Friendly Scientific Concepts of Ocean

In an effort to present marine science in a lively manner, the Museum utilizes a profusion of dynamic and engaging methods that aptly convey the significance of this and other related fields of study. For instance, through the incorporation of monitoring and imaging devices this gallery presents various aspects of the ocean and the aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, this exhibit presents the pertinence of potable water resources in contrast to the amount seawater. This stresses the relevance of having an environmentalist mentality when it comes to water conservation. In a similar manner, issues concerning ocean exploration and the utilization of oceanic resources are highlighted. Equally important is topic of sustainability. Prior to exiting this exhibition, visitors are given a broad view of future development in the study of oceanography.

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