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People and the Sea Gallery
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The Face under the Sea Wind
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Sea Women and Tao Kids
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Sail to the Future
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People Who Respect Water and Fear the Sea
People and the Sea Gallery: The Happiness Realm of Ocean

The very instant a visitor ventures inside the People and the Sea Gallery through its conch-shaped entryway, his or her heart will be kindled with a secret yearning for the sea and a profound passion to learn more. Presented with walls adorned with diplomas, postcards, and other related artifacts on the walls that are collectively known as the Joy of the Ocean, one lives vicariously through the countless of lives of fishermen and oceanographers whose careers are inextricably tied to all that the ocean has to offer. Once again, while walking through this exhibition the audience is reminded of the gravity of marine pollution and the urgency to actively implement policies or changes in behavior so as to ensure the sustainability of marine resources for generations to come. It is often erroneously thought that since the ocean is beyond our physical reach its welfare is irrelevant to humanity. This exhibition aptly dispels this common misconception by highlighting the fragile and yet absolutely essential interdependence between marine sustainability and human survival.

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