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Announcing the 2016 Keelung International Marine Art Project Finalists
Announcing the 2016 Keelung International Marine Art Project Finalists
2016 基隆X海科 潮藝術─國際藝術季決選名單公告

We are happy to announce the artists selected for the art project with the theme of “Envisioning the Future of Our Oceans”. 

Thank you to all of those artists around the world that submitted a proposal.  We had 165 entries from artists in 49 different countries.  It was very difficult to choose the artists because we had so many good proposals, and we really appreciate the time and effort everyone put into making the proposal.

The 2016 artists for the Keelung art project in Taiwan are:

Keelung Rainbow Hut
Tsuneo Sekiguchi
Japan (日本)

a hut made with driftwood and bamboo, seat inside and pool of water just in front and recycled mirror pieces in pool, hope to keep our ocean waters beautiful
Keelung Rainbow Hut
Air Swimmers
Ester Fabregat
Spain (西班牙)

sculptures made with recycled plastic bags on bamboo poles, it is like windsocks to blow and change with the winds from the sea, and remind us of the human element in preserving our oceans
Air Swimmers
Steve McPherson
UK (英國)

a installation of 46 buoy markers with warning flags having numbers indicating amount of plastic waste in the ocean, flags made from recycled clothing and bamboo poles with symbols created with local input
A good blow of brush to clean the ocean
Patrick Demazeau (MADE)
France (法國)

giant sculptures made with bamboo poles and bamboo, reeds or other grasses as brush bristles, installed on land to raise awareness about cleaning up the oceans and humanresponsibility for care of the ocean and beach
A good blow of brush to clean the ocean
Just the tip of the Iceberg
Regine Neumann
Canada / Japan (加拿大/日本)

a sculpture showing an iceberg form , made with bamboo or wood framing covered with white recycled fabric, reminding us of melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels
Just the tip of the Iceberg
Piotr Wesolowski
Poland (波蘭)

a installation with rounded outer form of bamboo framework and inside a softer form of fabric and nets to move in wind, people can feel and view the ocean environment
Morals from Marine Creature Gods
Li Yi-shiuan 李怡宣
Taiwan (臺灣)

a multi-part installation made of bamboo framing and covered with natural stucco, scroll painting inside that visitors can pull out and see
Morals from Marine Creature GodsMorals from Marine Creature Gods-1
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