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Announcing the Selected Artists for the 2017 Keelung NMMST International Marine Environment Art Project


This year we had an overwhelming 231 applications from artists in many different countries. The following international artists have been selected for 2017 artist-in-residency projects at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung, Taiwan:

Foreign Artists:
Patrick Demazeau│France
Susanne Ruoff│Germany
The Myth Makers: Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein│USA
Debbie Fish│New Zealand
Irene Hoppenberg│Germany

Taiwanese Artists:
Chen Chih Yang 楊金池
Chien Chih Chen 陳建智
Yoroe Lin 林猷柔


Residency Period 1:  June 1 -25, 2017

01 Chin Chih Yang, Taiwan
“Pulled from the Brink” - a large-scale outdoor or indoor sculpture of an octopus made from recycled materials collected along the shore in Keelung.

02 Patrick Demazeau, France
“Meeting and Connections” - an outdoor installation of two large (over 7 meters high) chairs for nature made of bamboo and other natural materials with a bamboo wind instrument for the back of the chairs to give musical sounds with the wind. 

03 Susanne Ruoff, Germany
“Connecting” - an outdoor installation conceived for the roof of the public toilets that will appear to be large colorful spheres connected in a chain rolling down the sloping roof structures.

Residency Period 2:  August 3-27, 2017
04 The Myth Makers: Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, USA
“Widow’s Walk, an outdoor large-scale sculpture of a cormorant bird made with bamboo and other natural materials. A matching bird sculpture of a local species will also be created by this team on the northeast coast of the USA. 

Residency Period 3:  September 7 – October 1, 2017

05 Chien-chih Chen (Villa Banana), Taiwan
“Along with the Wings of Tides”, an outdoor installation made of bamboo and natural materials suggesting a flying bird with many hand-made windmills on the wings. 

06 Debbie Fish, New Zealand
“School of Scales” an outdoor installation of 7 large fish forms made of bamboo, nets, shells and other natural and recycled materials.  Scales on the fish sculptures will move slightly with the wind. 

07 Irene Hoppenberg, Germany
“Networkers” an outdoor installation of several sea spider sculptures made of bamboo and natural materials and an indoor installation using recycled umbrella frames to suggest sea spiders.

08 Yoroe Lin, Taiwan
“Fish Drying Field” an outdoor installation of up to 100 fish forms made of natural fiber fabric and hand-dyed with blue color installed on bamboo poles forming a wave-like configuration in a field.


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